Paying for Online Courses

College education is great for those who want to enter the workforce.  There are many different professions that you can get into and to make a great living.  College is very expensive though in these days people are faced with huge student loans and debt.

When students finally get a job at the company of their profession they can spend many years paying back their student loan.  Keep in mind they have additional expenses such as paying for a car and rent or maybe even a mortgage.

Alternatives to College

In 2019, many people are now starting to look for alternatives to college.  People are looking to the Internet to make money.  Two of the most common ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing and drop shipping.  These two methods have made many people millionaires and the secret to this is that none of these people went to college to learn their craft.

A lot of money earned by these people is through testing for all methods online to see what sticks.  Many of them have become very successful will boast about their earnings on Youtube.  Some of them have even created their own courses that you can buy online for a fee.  They range anywhere from $50.00 to $5000.  Some of these courses are scams so you should be aware of them and not fall for the hype.

Read Reviews

You’ll need to look at Internet Marketing courses that are reviewed so you can know the good ones from the bad.  Be careful of the review site that you are looking at because a lot of the links are simply just affiliate links in the reviewer is just trying to push the product.  If every product that is being reviewed is recommended then there’s something wrong with the picture.  You will need to find unbiased reviews were the person doing the review appears to be legit and calls out a bad product when he or she sees fit.

Buying a Course Online

When you purchase a course online whether it’s for e-Commerce or affiliate marketing make sure that there is a refund policy in effect.  There are many courses out there that do not offer a refund policy which you should avoid.  However there are many reputable so called gurus that do not offer a refund because their product has proven to be satisfactory and have built up a large following.  Courses like this that do not offer a refund don’t necessarily have to be avoided but just be aware that you will be 100% committed and once you make that purchase.

If at all possible tried to avoid courses that charge a monthly fee.  This can get very expensive over time.  Instead, look for courses that are a one time fee only.  You’ll also find some courses that offer a one time fee but will break the payments up into a few monthly payments.  After you have paid the course off you’ll notice that you’re paying quite a bit more than what the course was originally priced at.  If you’re paying by credit card you’ll save money by just buying the course outright rather than choosing the monthly payment option.  Sure you may pay some interest but chances are it will be less of an investment than going for the payment plan.

Keep Your Commitments

Once you buy a course make sure you stay committed to it and don’t just buy it because of the refund policy.  A lot of people will purchase a course knowing they will cancel anyway.  Having this kind of mindset will never get you anywhere and it’s also a bad practice.  If the course is legitimate you should stick with it and not be focused on getting your refund to save some money.

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