Let’s think about all those difficulties you face when your teachers ask you to write yet another complex paper:

  • You have absolutely no time for writing because you have to get ready for exams. You have classes to attend, studying to do, extracurriculars to take care of… there is simply no time no matter how much you try to find space in your schedule.

  • You cannot write great content. Unfortunately, not every student is a talented writer.

  • There are not enough online resources on the particular topic, so you need an expert to help you locate appropriate materials.

All these reasons are valid, and the reality is that all students struggle with academic writing at one point or another. Most of them decide to purchase papers online. The custom-writing industry is entirely legal and it has been flourishing for decades. There are great benefits these agencies offer:

  • Custom-writing services deliver the papers on time and they follow the instructions of their clients.

  • The content is 100% plagiarism-free.

  • These companies hire MA and PhD writers. The most peculiar thing is that most of these writers are professors at high schools, colleges and universities. They sure know how to write solid papers.

When you look at the surface of the custom-writing industry, everything seems too good to be true. Unfortunately, it is!

Purchasing Papers Comes with Disadvantages, Too

When you dig a little deeper, you discover the dark face of the online writing industry. First of all, you miss valuable opportunities to develop critical thinking and creative writing skills when you buy papers online. There is a justification for all these assignments you have to complete: professors use them as incentive to intrigue students to research different topics and think of convincing argumentation that proves a point. Everyone agrees such skills are necessary for any career path. When you’re able to write a brilliant paper, you show that you understand the topic and you did your best to assemble serious pieces of information. If, on the other hand, you purchase the papers online, you simply show you don’t care.

What’s the greatest disadvantage of buying essays online? – The one thing you should always keep in mind: you can get caught. The paper may go undetected through plagiarism search engines, but how can you know it wasn’t copied from a journal or a book? Your professor will easily recognize those pieces and you’ll still be charged with plagiarism.

Another important thing to consider is the fact that the purchased paper will be different from everything else you’ve submitted so far. Do you really think your teacher won’t notice the unexplainable boost in your style, form, and manner of expression?

How Much Do Students Pay for Their Essays?

An article published by telegraph.co.uk informs that a first-class dissertation on the UK market costs around £660. Active essay writers earn somewhere between £20,000 and $70,000 per year. You have to admit that’s a solid income, which is especially good for writers who already hold teaching positions on different levels in education.

If a student pays a real expert to write the content, the results may be outstanding. The only problem is: you can’t know for sure who you’re dealing with. There number of writing services on the web is huge. Most of them offer competitive prices, and all of them claim to have the best writers in their team. However, you can never know which one of them delivers the best essays until you receive and compare the results from few websites.

The Risks of Ordering Papers Online

In addition to the fact that you may get caught in academic dishonesty, there is another serious risk that comes with your decision to buy an essay online: you may run into a scamming service. Most services don’t give you access to information about the professional and educational background of their writers. They have the right to assign your order to a member of their team who meets their criteria.

Although all companies claim to assign the papers to native speakers who know what academic writing is all about, that’s not always the case. There are many scams in this industry, so you should stay away from the cheapest services and those that don’t have decent websites with proper samples, terms and conditions, and guarantees.

Are These Papers Really Written By Professors?

It’s no secret that professors will punish you for the slightest suspicion that you didn’t write the paper submitted under your name. If they notice it’s different from everything else you’ve written before, they will make you defend the arguments and they will ask tricky questions just to confuse you. If they realize you bought that paper online, you might face the most serious punishment of all: expulsion.

That being taken into consideration, it’s strange how many professors choose to make additional income by providing custom-writing services to students in need. Of course, they do that anonymously and they support the very same industry they blame for the failure of the contemporary educational system.

An author, who has been part of this industry under the pseudonym Ed Dante, revealed the biggest secrets of the ghostwriting business. In his own words, “ghostwriting holds a well-defined role in the worlds of composition and speaking, a place where an unseen writer is compensated for work that will never bear his name.”

If you’re wondering whether or not your paper will be written by a true expert, the answer is: yes, if you choose the right service. Many talented writers and holders of postgraduate degrees have entered this productive industry.

Can You Get Essay Writing Help Without Paying?

You’ll be surprised with the answer: yes, you can. Of course, you won’t get a complete paper customized to your instructions, but you can get free help that will enable you to write your own paper. Here are some hints on how to get assistance for free:

  • Facebook and Twitter. You have a topic you can’t deal with? Why don’t you ask some of your social media friends to help you? Some of them may have old projects you can use to get ideas, and others will give you links to helpful online resources.

  • Reddit. Don’t hold back and post a thread. Of course you’ll deal with trolls, but you might get lucky with some constructive answers.

  • Check online databases; they are full of reliable resources you can use.

The best part in all these alternatives is that you don’t put your academic record in danger. With a little effort on your part, you can write that paper. The Internet is a great resource, so you can always find people willing to help you become a better student.

Is There a Right Way to Use Custom-Writing Services?

Some students decide to rely on professional writing assistance for referencing purposes. How is that possible, you might ask?

  • You find an online writing agency with flawless reputation, and you submit the order. At this point, you must provide a precise requirement: you want the author of your paper to sign it with his true name. You want the agency to assign your project to a true expert who holds a Master’s or doctoral degree.

  • You collaborate with your writer through all stages of the process. There is a useful side to using these services: you can learn how a great paper is being developed from stage to stage. Ask your questions and communicate with the author as much as possible.

  • You get the paper and you analyze it. The content is unique and it contains reasonable argumentation for the topic your professor assigned. Plus, it also refers you to reliable academic and scientific resources you can use to get more information.

  • Now, you write your own content based on the ideas you got after the analysis. Of course, you must reference the paper you are using, and provide the true name of the author.

There are few benefits to this method:

  • Universities don’t have strict policies and punishments for using a purchased paper as a reference.

  • Your work will be easier when someone does the research for you, and you’ll get enough resources to construct your own arguments.

  • If you use a trustworthy service, the experience will enable you to improve your research and writing skills.

Now, let’s take a look at the other side, which is not that bright:

  • Not many experts who write for these companies are willing to provide work under their true name. They don’t want anyone to know they support this industry. Since most of them are actual professors, it’s clear why they want to stay anonymous.

  • If you want to use the paper as a resource, is it really smart to pay for it? There are tons of free online and library sources that will do the trick, although you’ll need more time to locate them.

Before you make the final decision, it’s important to understand that this industry has two faces. It can really help you improve your academic record, but it can also get you in trouble. You are responsible for your own choices, so don’t submit the order without conducting a research. If you choose to get an essay from an online agency, make sure to do that from a reliable company that never fails to meet the expectations of its users.

What are your thoughts on the custom-writing industry? Feel free to share!